Pack battery welding module

Pack battery welding module

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Pack battery welding module

Pack battery welding module

The following is a series of examples of our previous
work in the automotive field.

With the latest development in the field of renewable
energy, the industrial demand for battery modules used
in the automotive industry is growing.

Due to the strong need to control the welding depth,
Therefore thermal applications such as laser welding
(such as lithium ion batteries) will benefit. The laser
used in this case study is a pulsed solid-state (Nd:YAG)
laser with a wavelength of 1064nm. These lasers are
known for their flexibility, consistent power output,
and precise pulse-to-pulse stability, making them ideal
for the battery module welding described in this case
study. Shinhop welding technology has been working hard
to meet the challenges encountered in the past decade.

Project background description

Shinhop's knowledge of battery welding prompted a well-
known car manufacturer to seek a solution to repeatedly
weld battery packs for its supercars. The goal is to
weld enough battery packs for 375 cars, which means 2250
battery modules, each with 54 battery cells.


The first problem faced is the different materials used.
The lithium battery must be laser welded to the aluminum
interconnect. This means that a solution must be found
to repeatedly combine two materials with different
fusion points (reflectivity, conductivity and

Project Objectives
The initial goal was to find a way to successfully
solder the unit to the interconnection,

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