Customer Training

Customer Training

Laser processing equipment is a kind of high-tech, interdisciplinary, and technically comprehensive industrial application equipment. For new users, application and maintenance are both challenges. However, an operator with good operating skills is the best way to play laser The advantages of processing equipment are important factors. Therefore, Xinhua Peng implements technical training for users, including equipment operation, parameter setting, daily maintenance and maintenance. Only by ensuring the integration of human and machine, can the instinct of the advantages of laser equipment be exerted, and the obvious To improve the processing effect of users, we will summarize the training problems frequently mentioned by users as follows, hoping to help you.


1. Which method does Xinhua Peng use to train users?

Xinhua Peng has high flexibility for user training. Users can go directly to Xinhua Peng for training, or provide on-site training, online remote training or mailing materials for graphic training, and the training method can be determined according to user needs.


2. Does the trainer have professional technical ability?

The team of Xinhua Peng customer after-sales service trainers are all assigned from the laser technology application and process engineers. They have rich technical experience and can independently conduct maintenance, operation and process technology level analysis.


3. What are the training contents?

Explain the working principle of laser related work.

Analyze the basic structure, working principle and performance characteristics of the laser equipment purchased by the customer.

Explain the safety and maintenance of equipment.

Analyze the influence of parameter settings on the processing effect and equipment operation skills.

Operation training for laser processing equipment application software.


4. Is the training chargeable or free?

As long as the products are purchased from Xinhua Peng Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., free training is provided to the equipment operators when the products are delivered. After the users officially use them or train new operators, a certain service fee will be charged.


5. Can the training provide processing solutions?

As long as the users of Xinhuapeng laser equipment can obtain the product processing technical information provided by the company, our company has practical and precise information on many industrial processing, and can provide users with corresponding solutions and help customers improve productivity.


6. Is regular training provided?

Laser equipment is customized according to users, and each training process and content are different. As long as users submit training applications, our company will arrange on-site training services for relevant technical personnel.


7. The accessories purchased from Xinhua Peng are used to install laser equipment from other manufacturers. Can training be provided?

For products of other manufacturers, our company is not responsible for training (and does not provide paid training), and only provides accessories for sales.


8. Are permanent services provided?

Xinhuapeng users can enjoy direct permanent service from the manufacturer


9. How long is the general training, the user can operate completely independently

The training provided by Xinhua Peng for users is systematic and comprehensive. Generally, users can operate independently after two or three days of training, or they can learn and operate by referring to the product manual provided by Xinhua Peng.

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