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Shenzhen Xinhua Peng Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of industrial laser products. The company has its own perfect laser equipment production base, strong technical strength, and has gathered a large number of technical experts and scientific research teams who have been engaged in laser equipment for many years. Specializing in the production of laser welding machines, laser marking machines, laser cutting machines and other series of more than 30 varieties of laser equipment.

The company has successfully developed a series of precision laser processing equipment with international advanced technology, such as precision laser welding machine (laser mold welding machine, CNC automatic laser welding machine, fiber laser welding machine, galvanometer scanning laser welding machine , laser spot welding machine, etc.), high-speed laser marking machine (YAG laser deep engraving machine, YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, production line online laser marking machine ), precision laser cutting machine (stainless steel laser cutting machine, large format laser cutting machine, precision jewelry laser cutting machine), laser large format cutting machine, precision laser drilling machine, laser dicing machine, laser engraving machine, laser heat treatment machine, etc. Series of laser processing equipment and systems.

Widely used in lithium-ion batteries, stainless steel hardware products, optical communication devices, mobile communication components, lighting, auto parts and other fields as well as electronic circuits, precision instruments, printing plate making, integrated circuits, instruments, printed circuits, computer manufacturing , building materials, gold and silver jewelry, clothing, craft gifts and many other industries. The company's products and technical services have covered major provinces, cities and regions across the country, and are exported to foreign countries.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "market leading, technological innovation, customer satisfaction, and honest service", with the goal of "stable quality, considerate service, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation", relying on Huapeng Aiwei's independent accessories The powerful advantages of research and development, flexible and efficient management, in the increasingly fierce industry competition, taking into account industry applications and personalized services for customers, by providing high-quality and high-efficiency laser processing systems and mature laser technology, for the common improvement of the vast number of The customer's manufacturing equipment and technological innovation level make our due contribution.


Shenzhen Xinhua Peng Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

A full range of laser processing equipment to build a strong domestic laser enterprise

As a latecomer in the development of China's laser industry, with the introduction of contemporary foreign advanced technology and high-end technical talents, Xinhua Peng Laser realizes the research and development and manufacture of a full range of products, has a complete set of parts production lines for laser processing equipment, and automatic laser processing systems. R&D, integrated development and production of laser welding equipment, cutting equipment and laser cutting equipment. Up to now, tens of thousands of sets of large and medium-sized processing equipment have been customized and produced for users in various industries. Every day, thousands of sets of Xinhua Peng laser equipment are safe, efficient, and Stable operation, especially in the fields of metal processing, automobiles, ships, hardware, military industry, molds, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, solar energy, leather bags, jewelry supplements and other industries, the performance is particularly outstanding, becoming the core enterprise in Shenzhen Optics Valley At the same time, it has provided many core accessories for the majority of laser equipment peers, promoted the rapid development of the domestic laser industry, and contributed to improving the quality of Chinese manufacturing and making the world fall in love with Chinese manufacturing!

Innovation of laser processing technology

Innovation is the driving force for the development of Xinhua Peng Laser. With the introduction of advanced technology and high-end laser technical talents, as well as years of experience in R&D and production, it has achieved many domestic technological breakthroughs and is an important manufacturer in the domestic laser equipment industry. .

1. Realize the export of hard optical path laser welding machine to Russia, and it is also an enterprise that realized the export of laser processing equipment earlier.

2. Successfully broke through the power of 1000W laser welding equipment, and now it has developed to the fourth generation of products, the highest power can reach more than 5KW.

3. Achieve breakthroughs in precision small-format laser cutting technology, especially the cutting precision error is well controlled.

4. Realize the laser flying marking processing system and realize the automatic laser marking system.

5. We have successfully developed professional welding equipment for battery welding and processing, and provided many good welding production solutions for domestic battery research and development manufacturers.

New Huapeng Laser for Global Development

1. The international market has been better developed

Xinhuapeng laser equipment is sold all over the world and has many international users of laser equipment. Its products include laser welding machines, laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, and laser processing equipment for special materials. Its sales have accounted for Xinhuapeng's annual sales. more than 15% of the total.

2. International technical exchanges and cooperation

The influence of Xinhua Peng laser technology has been well enhanced, and it has formed a strong competitiveness for related companies. Therefore, cooperation and exchanges have become the leading factors for the harmonious development of laser companies, which has prompted the cooperation of other international laser technology companies. Achieve a win-win situation.

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