Service Policy

Service Policy

In order to ensure the vital rights and interests of users and provide users with humanized, reasonable and convenient equipment purchase and maintenance service policies, Xinhua Peng combines its own practical experience and market competition needs to provide comprehensive service policies for new and old users. In order to further improve the enterprise service system, new users are welcome to provide us with more scientific and reasonable service suggestions!

The following is the content of the service policy provided by Xinhua Peng Laser for the majority of users.


I. Pre-sales service


1. Provide professional consultation:

According to years of operating experience, users' inquiries about laser equipment mainly focus on equipment technical configuration, processing functions, quality effects, product prices, processing solutions and other aspects. The professional services provided by Xinhua Peng can completely solve users' problems. Consultation, and provide users with various consultation methods such as network, telephone, letter, door-to-door and so on.


2. Provide sample service:

Users can provide and mail their own product samples or process samples to the Xinhua Peng factory for proofing. We provide proofing and mail them back to the user.


3. Provide cost-effective quotations:

The price of equipment is quoted based on the needs of users and professional technical solutions, and we will try our best to meet the needs of users with a large price advantage, and provide users with equipment purchases with better cost performance. Money to build a century-old enterprise.


4. Provide door-to-door reception:

Users are welcome to visit and negotiate with the Xinhua Peng laser equipment manufacturer. There are professional receptionists, all equipped with commercial vehicles to pick up and drop off. At the same time, the manufacturer provides product-related samples, equipment information, technical information, product-related configuration, etc.


Second, sale service 


1. Honesty is the most valuable:

Customers are the source of life of an enterprise. No matter the new and old users, the transaction amount or the users in any region at home and abroad, they can receive the same high-quality service treatment from Xinhua Peng.


2. Quality Assurance

Comply with the regulations of the sales contract signed with the user, and strictly implement the relevant services. It is strictly forbidden to use shoddy products to prevent any potential problems of the equipment from being concealed. A sense of trust and a good reputation for cooperation.


3. Maintain good communication

For equipment configuration or technical problems temporarily changed by users, we will actively and carefully solve various doubts about user needs through negotiation between the two parties. Ensure smooth production and timely delivery of laser equipment.


Three, after-sales service 


1. Xinhuapeng provides free installation, commissioning and free training of operating technicians for any user's equipment to ensure that the user can be familiar with the characteristics of the equipment and the essentials of operation and control in a relatively short time, and can be put into production and application in a relatively short time.


2, Xinhua Peng Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. provides one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment. Within the warranty period, all faults of the equipment (except human factors or force majeure factors) can be repaired by our company for free. (except accessories) to provide free supporting services, equipment beyond the warranty period, the maintenance cost will be charged according to our lower price.


3. The software system is upgraded free of charge for life, including laser welding system, cutting system, marking system, etc., to ensure that users get newer processing experience and improve product processing effect.


4. After-sales service provides a 24-hour service mechanism. For equipment maintenance, you can submit maintenance requirements on our website or contact us by phone. Our global service control center can assign relevant technical engineers to contact you and supervise It solves problems for users in a shorter period of time.


5. After-sales visits will be provided every anniversary to provide users with scientific production solutions. At the same time, we will establish a complete database for any problems or technical praises that users have responded to to further close the actual production with users. Apply experience, speed up the upgrading of equipment technology, and seek truth from facts to improve the productivity of laser equipment products.

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