Fiber metal laser marking machine

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Shinhop's laser marking machine is light and flexible, with precise integrated design,
In 2010, the first domestic optical fiber metal laser marking machine was successfully developed in Xinhuapeng. After more than ten years,
It has been continuously replaced, and now it has developed to the fifth generation of products. It has always mastered the core technology of laser marking machines. The quality of marking and product quality continue to guide the development of domestic marking technology.
1. Using SHINHOP's self-taught fourth-generation high-end fiber laser (IPG laser imported from Germany according to user configuration) Can be achieve ultra-high precision marking process.
2. The laser light source can be selected according to the user. According to the user's demand for power, the new P&P can provide you with a cost-effective solution.
3. The marking quality is good, the speed is fast, the power supply is stable, the system can get good system reliability, can be used in harsh environments, and the equipment has a long service life.
4. High electro-optical conversion rate, low power consumption and easy maintenance.
5. Small size, easy to carry, and the equipment occupies a small area.
  Consumer goods, auto parts, handicrafts, machinery, battery industry and other fields.


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