Laser welding machine with Galvanometer

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Laser welding machine with Galvanometer
Laser welding systems have been used in many fields to produce high-quality joints efficiently, economically, and without contact. They will form perfect seams in metal plates, plastic parts, jewelry and even architectural parts.
The laser welding equipment provided by Shinhop can meet all these requirements while being flexible for highly customized work. Therefore, these systems are suitable for almost any manufacturing task. The professional laser welding equipment described in our catalog includes ten different systems that are tailored to meet specific industrial needs.
Laser welding application range
1. Laser welding
2. Laser cladding
Accurate, cost-effective production
In many production processes, achieving strong and flawless seams is increasingly important. OR Laser's laser welding system can provide the precision and efficiency required for large-scale industrial applications. In addition, we provide a complete set of equipment from which companies of all sizes can choose the system that best suits their requirements.
No matter which laser equipment you choose, you can rely on excellent quality. Each system described in our catalog has a unique selection of specific functions and general functions. For example, the compact jewelry welding is a small, highly mobile device that is ideal for jewelers, goldsmiths and dental technicians.
meanwhile, it has easy-to-use features, which are common to many of our other well-designed units: joystick control, X/Y/Z travel, high pulse peak power and more. In order to give full play to its versatility, it has welding, cutting, hardening and cladding functions, and has the advantages of durability and high precision.


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