Mold laser welding machine

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Laser mold welding machine
It's also called laser mold surface treatment equipment. It is a professional equipment for repairing molds. Compared with other welding methods such as argon arc welding,
1 The laser welding diameter is only 0.1MM-1.9MM;
2 Using 1064MM wavelength, there is no radiation effect on the human body;
3 It can repair cracks, chipped corners, die edges and worn sealing edges;
4 The processing position after repair welding can be polished at the same time;
5 It can repair and weld extremely hard metal materials;
6 The heating range is small, and there will be no deformation or pores;
Shinhop laser mold welding equipment is suitable for mobile phones, toys, digital products, automobiles, motorcycles and other manufacturing and molding processing industries. By repairing the mold, it can improve the life cycle of the original mold, greatly saving production costs and improving production efficiency.
With various power options, the range of 180W-400W is enough for users. Beyond this power range, it is more wasteful. It should be known that the price of laser mold welding equipment with higher power is much different. Shinhop is a professional solution for laser mold welding machines. Solution providers will not blindly provide users with high-power devices that exceed user needs, so as not to waste users' money.


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