PCB circuit board laser cutting machine

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 PCB circuit board laser cutting machine
1.For the circuit board cutting design of the laser processing system, CCD precision positioning automatically correct cutting path, high precision movement mechanism to strengthen the stability and precision of processing to significantly improve the working yield, the perfect realization of contour cutting, Drilling, FPC, PCB shape cutting, and composite film open window of the ultra-finishing applications.
2.20W high-power laser compatible FPC, PCB, hard and soft combination of high-efficiency cutting products such as product design only, without a mold to cut any shape products, significantly shorten the production cycle, the liberation of human resources high precision, Drift of the galvanometer and the servo system platform to bring superior micron-scale cutting accuracy without stress cutting mode and automatic CCD positioning system with the perfect combination of cutting effect Green, environmentally friendly cutting process to effectively avoid the operator's Hazards and environmental pollution.
● traditional cutting machine is easy to produce stratification and burr phenomenon, the production of small batch production need to make mold, time-consuming, and high-precision molds expensive, the machine without a mold, a molding.
● can shorten the positioning time, a large number of labor costs.
● through the CCD precision positioning, start cutting before the computer can automatically capture the positioning rake, and relative positioning alignment, the cutting path to be amended.
High quality stable cutting design:
● The upper and lower suction operation can be performed.
● user-friendly control procedures, you can copy the number and spacing of cutting graphics, a large number of time to save mapping.
● Vacuum adsorption platform.
● good suction efficiency, do not worry about dust pollution.
● special program design, improve processing efficiency and quality.
● trimming effect is good, uniform slits, power stability, no big point under the knife.
High precision sports institutions:
● The use of high-precision servo motor and screw, to ensure the stability of processing and precision, to minimize the non-performing rate.
● The special mechanism of this machine is designed to perform high-performance cutting, fast, smooth and reproducible.
Wavelength: 532nm
Minimum processing line width: <50μm
Platform size: 320mm * 420mm / 620mm * 620mm
Positioning accuracy: ≤ ± 3μm
Repeatability: ≤ ± 1μm
Processing accuracy: ≤ ± 20μm
Platform moving speed: ≤300mm / s
Scan processing speed: ≤ 3000mm / s
Processing thickness: ≤1mm
Weight: 850KG / 3000KG
Machine Size: L1300 * W1100 * H1700mm / L2250 * W2500 * H1700mm


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