Fiber laser cutting machine

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Small laser cutting machine
its also called small-format laser cutting machine. It uses fiber laser to provide laser energy to realize cutting. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, and one-time molding. At the same time, it has high precision, small cutting gap, and heat influence. Small, so the cutting edge is smooth and free of burrs.
Shinhop's optical fiber small laser cutting machine
This kind of equipment adopts a fixed structure design, the laser light path design is scientific and reasonable, and there is no attenuation feature. At the same time, it is equipped with an advanced auto focus system, imported linear guide rail, and servo drive to improve the mechanical movement performance of the whole machine.
Basic parameters of cutting equipment:
Model: XHP-P0606
Power: 300W/500W/800W1000W (user selectable)
Appearance size: 1750*1300*1850
Positioning accuracy: within 0.01MM
Effective cutting range: 600mm*600mm
Maximum operating speed: 40M/MIN
Laser power supply power: 5000W


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