The Laser welding and advantages

The Laser welding and advantages

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The Laser welding and advantages

  Laser welding and advantages
Support local welding of fine parts and thin plate parts through ultra-precision welding (contract processing/product manufacturing)
Laser welding is a connection method in which a condenser lens focuses the light source and irradiates the metal with a strong laser beam, the width of which is about 0.1 to several millimeters, to locally melt it. In laser welding, laser welding is used, but shielding gas (argon, helium, nitrogen) is usually sprayed onto the weld metal to prevent the weld metal from oxidizing. You can add various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloy and titanium. In addition, compared with other welding methods, it is less affected by heat, less deformation and combustion, so it can be used for products that are worried about deformation and require less post-processing.

1) Precision welding can be performed.
2) Since it can be processed without contact, there is no load on the welding material.
3) Dissimilar metals can be processed.
5) Because it can be welded locally at high speed, the thermal effect around the workpiece is small, and the thermal strain is also small.
6) According to the type of laser, deep penetration welding with a thickness of 15 mm can be performed.
7) It can weld high hardness materials and high melting point materials.
8) Welding can be done in the air.
9) Since the influence of welding is small, it is considered that the influence on plating after welding is small.

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