Application of fiber laser welding machine

Application of fiber laser welding machine

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Application of fiber laser welding machine

Application of fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding machines are now becoming more and more popular in the market. Hand-held laser welding machines are especially popular. This is because it is easy to operate. At present, the price of 1kw laser welding machine has dropped significantly. If you want to buy a hand-held laser welding machine, its cost-effectiveness will be higher.


1. Laser source.

You can choose Raycus or IPG. These are the right choices. IPG is the best brand in the world, but it is a bit expensive. RAYCUS is the best brand in China, and the quality is excellent.

2. Chiller

Chiller is used to cool the laser source and welding head. Damage the laser light source and welding head.

3. Auxiliary gas

Yes, if you need to use a 1kw handheld welder, we also recommend that you use auxiliary gas. Either nitrogen or argon will work. Don't overuse it like a laser cutting machine. Used to protect the lens.

4. Welding head

Equipped with swing welding head.
The welding head contains a motor
(1) First of all, in some welding processes, ordinary welding heads cannot be used, but this welding head can be achieved with about 70% of the power, so it can save costs.
(2) In addition, the inside of the motor is useful for realizing weaving welding.
③In the case of irregular gaps, the requirements for fixtures can be reduced.
In the case of an ordinary magnetic head, since there is no motor inside, the magnetic head cannot swing, and if the welding gap exceeds 0.2 mm and the width exceeds 0.2 mm, the light will pass directly.
Therefore, the welding effect is not good. Welding technology is limited.
The welding gap of the swing head can reach 0.5 mm.

5. Application:
Next, there are optoelectronic communication equipment, medical treatment, electronic equipment, batteries, tabs, optical fiber coupling equipment, receiving tube electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone parts, mobile phone vibration motors, watch precision parts, and hand-held fibers used for automobile steel plates. Laser welding machine, optical communication industry, precision welding of copper parts, aluminum parts, etc.

◆Then, the energy distribution of the solder joints becomes uniform, and the high-quality solder joints required for welding can be obtained.
◆Suitable for various complicated welding, welding of various devices, welding of thin plates within 5mm, and flexible welding.
◆ Especially suitable for welding large workpieces.

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