Battery PACK process

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Battery PACK process

Battery PACK process:

1. Battery PACK
The production process of battery packs formed by adding protective circuits, casings, and outputs to battery cells is called PACK. Battery PACK is an
important process to realize the application of batteries in different fields. With the continuous development of the PACK process, the connection method has
also been continuously improved. From the initial soldering to the later resistance welding, laser welding has become the current PACK process due to its
advantages in welding accuracy, reliability and high degree of automation. The most extensive connection method, and intelligent automation equipment
equipped with laser welding technology has become a high-end manufacturing equipment for groups of different types of batteries such as square, cylindrical,
soft pack, 18650, etc.

2. Development trend of intelligent equipment
The development of the new energy automobile industry has not finalized and standardized the specifications and standards of the power batteries and battery
modules it uses. There have been many incompatibility problems with the specification systems. The current process and manual operations restrict the
production rhythm of the company. And efficiency, which cannot effectively improve product quality and productivity. Therefore, it is very necessary to
improve the automation level of power battery module assembly. Nowadays, to realize the intelligent solution of "complete line equipment + robot + software
control", it is necessary to solve the problems of compatibility, complete line tempo and efficiency that users pay attention to, and to solve the problems
of small batches and large specifications of user battery PACK orders .

Management software. The entire MES system directly transforms the production line into a quasi-unmanned production workshop, where manual personnel only
need to supplement materials outside the line, which not only improves safety, but also reduces human intervention. In the welding process, it is only
necessary to integrate the laser welding process data into the MES management software system to facilitate users to directly call and switch. From batteries
to PACK groups, the parameters, data and other incoming information of each process can be quickly inquired and analyzed and processed in time through the
MES system. The process must be controlled and the production efficiency must be effectively guaranteed. It also realizes remote monitoring and management
through the reserved industrial communication interface, which fully reflects the manufacturing characteristics of intelligent automation. Products equipped
with laser solutions have developed towards the trend of high intelligence and high automation.

3. Reliable battery manufacturing laser equipment

Battery welding production line
In short, although optical welding technology has gradually matured, high-quality battery production belongs to an interdisciplinary manufacturing process,
which requires comprehensive collaboration between battery designers and laser welding technical engineers, from the battery material, structure, thickness,
process, real-time inspection Optimizing design and other aspects can achieve the ideal welding effect. The shinhop laser welding equipment adopts advanced
optical fiber transmission technology to realize refined and intelligent automatic welding. It has more than 10 years of battery product welding technology
process experience and has been a manufacturer of hundreds of batteries in China. The company provides thousands of solutions, especially successfully
applied to the automatic welding production line of Xinyuan automobile battery pack, such as BYD electric bus battery pack.


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