Multi-optical laser welding machine

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Multi-optical laser welding machine
Realize the parallel working mode, that is, a laser host can be transmitted through four optical fibers and connected to different welding processing platforms. At the same time, different products or different directions of the same product can be welded simultaneously.
With high power, low energy loss and stable system operation, the laser processing equipment has good reliability and quality stability.
[Technical parameters of fiber laser welding equipment]
Optical fiber model: Japan NISSEI
Maximum single pulse laser energy: 120J
Fiber output: 1-4 channels (optical or time-sharing output can be adopted)
Cooling method: high precision constant temperature circulating refrigeration unit
Single pulse width: 0.5-20MS
Weight: 300KG
Laser power: 80W 150W 300W 450W 600W 800W 1000W+ (According to the needs of users, the appropriate power can be configured)
Pulse frequency: 1-100HZ
Power input: three-phase 380V/50HZ
Machine power: 12KW
Host size: 630*1100D*880H
Continuous pulse width per unit time (1 second): 100MS/S
Laser wavelength: 1064MM
Welding depth: maximum 3MM/stainless steel
Workbench: The matching workbench can be customized according to user needs (including automatic, intelligent, semi-automatic, and purely manual processing methods)
【Application field】
Used in the precision welding of optical communication, IT, medical treatment, electronics, batteries, fiber-coupled devices, solar flat panel heat collection, kinescope electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, precision parts, automotive steel sheets, etc.
Optical fiber transmission laser welding equipment is the main product in the current laser welding equipment market. Compared with traditional laser welding equipment, it is more stable, more cost-effective, more maintainable, and more efficient. The welding beam is more in line with the level of user processing technology. Users are welcome Contact our factory for negotiation and provide you with a good production welding solution.


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