What is laser cutting metal?

What is laser cutting metal?

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What is laser cutting metal?

What is laser cutting metal?
The technology of laser cutting is based on the fact that the beam has an exact direction and is obtained by the operation of specialized equipment. Since the contact of the laser beam with the surface in such cases is equal to several microns, and the crystal lattices of the materials reach the temperature required to melt the metal.

The minimal contact of the beam with the surface ensures that the rest of the part practically does not heat up during operation. This ensures the safety of personnel when using the equipment.

Another advantage is the cutting error, which reaches a technological minimum. In places of the cut, the metal melts and immediately evaporates and boils away. At the same time, the distance from the equipment for laser cutting metal to the part is less than a centimeter!

For work, metal parts of various thicknesses are allowed, for example, our equipment allows you to cut ferrous metal up to 25 mm thick, stainless steel up to 20 mm, and aluminum up to 12 mm! (more)

The work is so accurate and efficient that a part cut in this way may not undergo additional mechanical rework and is immediately given to the next necessary process or to use. This significantly saves the costs of the manufacturer.

And although the main purpose is to cut out parts and workpieces, using laser equipment, you can mill and drill recesses of the required diameter and depth.

Equipment for laser cutting metal is  excellent for performing engraving, in this case, you should not use equipment that is difficult to use, and the diameter of the laser installation should be minimal.

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Working principle of laser cutting equipment
The design of the devices is much simpler and more compact, but they have more power than other equipment for metal processing by mechanical means.

The main element of the apparatus is the rod, which is the heart of the emitter. Due to this, the rod is excited and pumped up by a continuous light flux.

A special system sets the focus to the beam, and the resonators give it the force necessary for melting.

All units of the device are controlled by software using automation and software stored in the memory of the machine.

The most used and productive gas in the apparatus is oxygen, since when using it it is possible to reach the highest temperature in comparison with the use of other gases. This is due to the reaction that occurs when oxygen comes into contact with a hot metal surface. The processing speed depends on the oxygen purity.

Due to the absence of mechanical stress, any metals can be processed: from brittle to sufficiently strong materials.
Highest cutting precision and smooth edges of the workpiece. No defects during work.
The part is immediately ready for use and does not require further processing.
Due to the accuracy of the work, it is possible to cut parts of absolutely any shape.
To load the form into the equipment, a drawing made in any drawing program is sufficient.
High efficiency combined with an order of magnitude higher productivity.
Possibility of compact placement of parts on one sheet.
Overall savings in resource use, finance and working time.

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