The difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine

The difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine

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The difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine

The difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine
The so-called laser marking machine is a device that uses a laser beam to permanently mark each surface of a material.
Laser engraving machine is an advanced equipment that uses laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. All the
common features of laser marking machine and laser engraving machine are processed by laser, they are all advertising
equipment. Laser marking machines can be used not only in the advertising industry, but also in various packaging

Today, I want to talk specifically about the difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine.

Laser marking effect on the market
What is the difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine?

1. Different working methods.

The working area of ​​the laser marking machine is not particularly large,

Some low-power laser engraving machines do not have a large processing area, but some high-power laser engraving machines
are mainly used for cutting metal. The processing area is very large,

2. Speed ​​difference.

The speed of laser marking machine is much faster than that of laser engraving machine. Just like a mineral water
manufacturer, the one-minute route is about 100 meters.

3. The depth is different.

The laser engraving machine can engrave larger stroke sizes as well as cutting, and the depth far exceeds that of the laser
marking machine.

4. The laser is different

The optical system part of the laser engraving machine is composed of three reflecting mirrors and a focusing mirror. The
laser is usually a carbon dioxide glass tube. The life of a glass tube laser is usually within 2000-10000 hours. The carbon
dioxide glass tube laser is disposable. The laser of the laser marking machine is usually a metal tube laser (non-metal
marking machine) and a YAG solid-state laser (metal laser marking machine), and the service life is generally more than 5years. The metal tube of the laser marking machine can be inflated again.

5. The price is different.

The price of a laser marking machine depends on the material. The corresponding models vary from tens of thousands tohundreds of thousands. The price of low-power laser engraving and cutting machines is much cheaper than that of laser
marking machines. However, laser engraving machines for cutting thick metals are also expensive.

Application of laser marking machine and laser engraving machine?

(1) Applicable to all types of metals: the symbol of the electronic hardware accessories industry. Many people may not
understand that some hardware accessories and electronic components are marked with a laser marking machine. For high
friction materials such as automobiles, ships, machines and equipment, laser marking has high wear resistance, which is
helpful for industry marking.

(2) IT industry, telecommunications industry, machinery manufacturing, food and medicine, medical equipment, watches and
glass, craft gifts, precious metal jewelry, leather products, packaging and printing furnaces, precision hardware, jewelry,
electrical appliances, instruments and other metal processing industries .

(3) Application of non-metallic materials, such as polymer materials, electronic components, wire speed limit, reflective
film, plastic buttons, sapphire, glass, ceramic tiles, aluminum plates and labels. For cold laser violet laser marking
machine, this is his professional field, covering industries including telecommunications, electricity and electricity,
instrumentation, precision hardware, clocks, glass, jewelry, ceramics and other industries.

(4) Marks can be added to non-metal processing industries, such as clothing, leather, craft gifts, packaging, advertising,
wood, textiles, plastics, signs, electronic products, watches, glasses, printing and decoration, etc. Wood products,
fabrics, leather, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated resin and other non-metallic materials all have good

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