Metal laser cutting machine equipment maintenance 

Metal laser cutting machine equipment maintenance 

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Metal laser cutting machine equipment maintenance 

Metal laser cutting machine equipment maintenance 
Any equipment will suffer from aging after being used for a long time, and the metal laser cutting machine is no exception.

Among them, the laser in the metal laser cutting machine is the most aging part, so we also need to pay great attention to it in the process of normal use.

What are the wearing parts of the laser cutting machine?

Let me share with you. Causes of power attenuation of metal laser cutting machine:

1. The problems of the laser itself.

The metal laser cutting machine needs regular

The external optical path of the laser is maintained and maintained.

In fact, after the laser has been working for a period of time,

The power drop is inevitable,

Of course, when the power drops to affect production,

You need to maintain the laser generator,

After the maintenance is completed,

The cutting ability will be restored to the level at the factory.

2. The environment and conditions of the plant have an impact on the laser cutting machine

The power also has a greater impact.

Such as the quality of compressed air

(Mainly oil filter, dryness, dust).

The production of current dust and smoke,

Some users even spray paint

Placed near the laser cutting machine,

These will affect the laser cutting machine

Cutting quality and cutting ability.

So these should be paid attention to during the processing.

You can add a dedicated dust removal device if necessary.

What are the wearing parts of the laser cutting machine?
There are many kinds of wearing parts of laser cutting machine,
Today, what I mainly introduce to you is

Protective lens in laser cutting machine.

As the name suggests, the protective lens is

Used to prevent dust and

Slag splashing damages the focusing lens,

In addition to being used in laser cutting machines,

It is also necessary in other laser equipment,

Including laser marking, laser welding and laser engraving.

It can be seen that the application market for protective lenses is very large.

The price of protective lenses on the market varies.

The price varies greatly from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan,

The quality is also different,

Of course, shoddy is not uncommon.

If the lens is not selected properly, it will cause large laser loss,

Frequent damage to the protective lens, unstable product quality,

Cause serious losses to the enterprise.

So, choose the right protective lens

It is a matter of great importance.


Three steps to protect the lens of laser cutting machine:

1. The shape and size match, this is easy to understand;

2. Material, according to different laser power,

Considering the cost of use, in the actual application process,

Professional manufacturers divide these two types of materials into multiple levels,

Customers can choose the corresponding specifications according to actual needs.

3. Coating, laser anti-reflection coating,

Different coating technical parameters are adopted according to the use environment.

Although the protective lens of the light cutting machine is a vulnerable part,

But in order to improve its utilization,

reduce manufacturing cost,

You can clean and protect the lens regularly,

To achieve the purpose of reuse

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