Hand-held laser welding

Hand-held laser welding

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Hand-held laser welding

Hand-held laser welding
It can be repaired, and people can weld flexibly. You can also fill in the welding wire according to actual needs and polish it slightly later.

1. Heat influence

Argon arc welding: The heat influence is large, the heat dissipation is slow, and the part from the solder joint to the metal is all red, which is very hot.

Hand-held laser welding: basically no heat influence, fast heat dissipation.

Mobile flexibility

2. Argon arc welding: 3 meters long, with a motor box (gun body) behind it is not convenient to move.

Handheld laser welding: 5-20 meters long, easy to move.

Risk factor

Argon arc welding: large sparks, easy to splash on the body and face

Handheld laser welding: no sparks, laser protective glasses.

Worker requirements

Hand-held laser welding: easy to operate, you can start welding products within 3 hours of training. Ordinary workers are easy to learn.

Efficiency comparison

Hand-held laser welding is 10 times faster than argon arc welding.

Welding bearing capacity, or pulling force

Combining welding thickness and power, the thickness of different powers can reach full welding and completely penetrate the workpiece. The penetration welding place will be stronger than the material itself, because it will be cut off after being heated, and it will be stronger and more wear-resistant after the second heating and forging. Customers can make proofs, send samples, and go back to do the tensile test on their own. It is possible that the welding place is not broken. The parts that are not soldered are broken first.

Swing laser welding head
Welding temperature

The maximum welding temperature can reach 4000 degrees, that is, the heat is extremely cold, which can be controlled, and the heat effect is small.

Single-sided welding and double-sided welding

Generally, the firmness of single-sided welding is not as good as that of double-sided welding. The surface of double-sided welding is more evenly heated and looks better, with less thermal influence and minimal deformation.

Single-sided welding requires either aesthetics or firmness. If you want to be firmer, you need to weld slowly, so the heat will be a little bit more, and the thermal effect will be greater.

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