Introduction of automatic laser welding

Introduction of automatic laser welding

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Introduction of automatic laser welding

Introduction of automatic laser welding

Our first advancement in laser welding. It is a simple technology for connecting and sealing thin thickness materials in metal processing, ventilation and air conditioning applications, for the manufacture of light parts,...
Of course, there are many companies that will benefit from this technology, thanks to its price exceeding the affordable cost, and due to the quality and speed of the surface treatment, a recoverable investment is required.
Applications also include component repair, where welding accuracy, minimum deformation and thermal damage to the welding area are essential.

Examples of welding results in different applications

Shinhop's advantage-laser welding process:
1. Minimal thermal influence:
2. It can weld very thin parts without deformation
3. The risk of welding heat has been minimized.
Fast welding
4. No need for the high skills of TIG welders
Except in some applications for small area charging or reconstruction, no filler metal is used
It can be welded on even smooth finishing surfaces because the weld bead will not affect the adjacent area. Afterwards, if necessary, the beads can be polished (see restrictions)
The cost of the equipment became more and more affordable and quickly amortized.
A variety of devices can be used. These devices can be distinguished by laser technology (YAG or glass fiber) and their power. These devices allow welding thicknesses of up to 3 or 4 mm and can completely penetrate the joint.

The laser torch can be used for semi-automatic welding, and it can also be automated very easily.
This is a safe welding method that will not affect human skin. It only needs safety glasses with appropriate filters.

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