Why use fiber lasers?

Why use fiber lasers?

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Why use fiber lasers?

Laser welding
Laser provides advanced non-contact high-speed metal welding solutions for countless industries.

Thin-hop fiber lasers make laser welding a reliable, easily automated process that provides the highest part quality, usually at the lowest processing cost, and almost no maintenance.

Highly precise connection, even small parts
Low heat input to minimize deformation
Non-contact welding-will not reduce welding quality
No current flows through the part
Welding dissimilar metals (for example, copper to aluminum)
Minimal maintenance-high tool availability
Easy to automate for production and high-volume manufacturing

Why use fiber lasers


Higher power and better beam quality result in faster processing speed and better processing quality
High electrical efficiency of wall outlets
Ultra-compact installation area
Excellent reliability
Maintenance-free operation
Versatile, flexible and robust
All of these are important considerations, especially for cost-conscious users, but for many manufacturers, the versatility of fiber lasers goes far beyond simple applications.

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